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Mademoiselle ✔

面白画像集117 - ハムスター速報

Wearing yukata.  2010, Japan.  Photography by g2slp on Flick

あまちゃん 無頼鮨 湯のみ

Ludmila Pagliero, here as one of Giselle’s friends in Act I. Paris Opera Ballet. Giselle. Sydney, Capitol Theatre, 2013. © Julien Benhamou.
Pagliero made her debut as Giselle on 4 February. With her long, elegant face and high cheekbones she is an elegant looking woman, yet she was able to interpret Giselle as a tender young girl, yet one with a dynamic strength that ignited her power-plus solo of Act 1 and her no-holds-barred mad scene. When, as Giselle, she earlier indicated that she was unwell, she fell sharply forward into Albrecht’s arms rather than making that dainty and ladylike backwards faint.

FBI investigating alleged photo hack of Jennifer Lawrence, others
NBC News: The FBI and Apple announced Monday that they are investigating an apparent hacking of iCloud accounts that lead to photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other female stars being posted online.
A spokesperson for Lawrence said the incident was “a flagrant violation of privacy” and that authorities were poised to prosecute anyone who posted the photos.
Follow updates on BreakingNews.com.
Photo: Actress Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet of the 2014 Academy Awards. Jordan Strauss / AP
(via kakisibu, analicear)

アマゾンのログインページが10数年ぶりにデザイン変更へ http://ift.tt/1r89yar

グーグルもドローン宅配。その名も「Project Wing」 http://ift.tt/1Cl3y30

Gion Festival 2014: maiko Fumino in a straw hat by Matthew Ferguson on Flickr

8段変形ができるエキサイティングな自転車「MC2」 http://ift.tt/1qkpOou

セレブのヌード大流出、原因はiCloudの穴? http://ift.tt/1tpNs5t



This commentary was written by Bill Witherell, Cumberland’s Chief Global Economist. He joined Cumberland after years of experience at the OECD in Paris. He can be reached at Bill.Witherell@cumber.com.

At last week’s gathering of central bank presidents in Jackson…


“ドラえもん” 東京2020オリンピック・パラリンピック招致スペシャルアンバサダーに就任



Paul Cummins: 888,246 Ceramic Poppies Flow Like Blood from the Tower of London to Commemorate WWIt 

The moat that surrounds the Tower of London has long stood empty and dry. This summer, it’s getting filled with 888,246 red ceramic poppies, one for each British and Colonial soldiers who perished during World War I.

For the past few weeks, a team of 150 volunteers has been placing red ceramic poppies one by one around the Tower. Crawford Butler, the longest serving Yeoman Warden, also known as beefeater, planted the first ceramic poppy. The last poppy will be symbolically planted on the last day of the installation: November 11, Armistice Day. 

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